Club Handicap

During the summer sessions at Braishfield, the club runs a Time Trial over 5km once a month. These times a collated and a target time is set for one final 5km run. The runner who beats their target time by the biggest margin is the winner of the club handicap competition. See below for the results:

2015 Club Handicap Results

2 thoughts on “Club Handicap

  1. As a winner of the handicap last year you may be surprised that I agree with Mark’s comment. For me it was two runs, one at a lack lustre speed and one when i was running much better. As I said at the time, the difference between a good day and a bad day at age 65! But in mitigation I recorded a time of 26.07 at Braishfield for the handicap race, probably a bit over 5k, and I have this week achieved 23.35 at a Parkrun so some progress is being made. I intend to do at least 2 time trials this year and expect not to win the prize!

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