Car / window sticker


It’s a sticker!

Looks awesome on any car window (it sticks on the inside).  Can also be used for shopfronts, greenhouses, oven doors, practically anywhere really!  Literally thousands of uses, and they make great presents – kids love them, and love to give them as presents to their friends and teachers!

Comes with a no-quibble 24 hour guarantee.

Installation instructions:

  • Installation by qualified and authorised sticker application engineers only.
  • Clean surface thoroughly with appropriate solvent (spit and a quick rub of the sleeve).  Ensure surface is free of hairs, clods of mud, small invertebrates etc.
  • With clean hands, peel sticker off of backing.  Try not to touch the adhesive side of the sticker with your greasy paws.
  • Work out which way should be up/down/left/right, bearing in mind that the sticker will be viewed from the other side of the glass.
  • Starting from the centre, apply the sticker to the surface (sticky side towards the surface, you plonker).  Lightly rub from the centre towards the outsides of the sticker, to prevent any bubbles forming.  When bubbles form, swear to yourself and crack on anyway, trying to make the most of a bad job.
  • Take photos of your accomplishment to share on social media as encouragement to others.
  • If after following these instructions you are not satisfied with the results, you may need to purchase a new window. Or car.  Yes, you may need a new car.

N.b. not meant for human consumption, please do not use this product in an oven.  Keep out of reach of badgers.

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