Test Way Relay Risk Assessment

What are the Hazards?Who might be harmed and how?What are you already doing?Risk RatingWhat else can you do to control this risk?
Roots underfoot, branches overhead, vegetation on and beside the path, stones in or on the ground, rabbit holes, mud, loose earth, barbed wire fences, wooden boards, puddles, rivers or streamsRunners – trip or slip hazards on the ground. Overhead branches could knock into runners. Vegetation and barbed wire fences along or beside the path may cause cuts and scratches. Water hazards – falling in or getting wet.By alerting those taking part in the relay to the potential hazards we are enabling them to be mindful of them and vigilant when running along the Test Way.LAll runners to wear suitable clothing for the event (sturdy running shoes) and to carry a basic first aid kit All runners to carry the contact numbers of the event RDs in case of emergencies

Un-marshalled Road crossings

Runners – by traffic using the road when they cross itReminding runners they are responsible for their own safety when crossing the roads and to check for traffic before doing so LSuggesting a high viz vest is worn if the day is very dull or overcast, or the weather is bad to enhance visibility on road crossings
Other users of the Test WayRunners and other uses of the Test Way collidingRemind runners that other users of the Test Way may be presentLRemind runners to give way to other users as we don’t have a monopoly of use of the Test Way
Weather conditionsRunners – sun burn or heat stroke on a hot day, cold or chilled on a wet dayAdvise runners to come prepared with sun cream, a hat or head covering and plenty of water for hydrating if the weather is hot, and adequate rain proof or warm kit if it is raining or cold.LSuggest runners bring a change of clothing so they have something dry, and either warm or cool to wear after they have completed their leg
Livestock in fields or on common landRunners –  interaction with livestockAdvise runners that livestock may be present on the route, particularly loose on Cow Common near WherwellLAdvise runners move slowly past livestock giving them a wide berth
Getting LostRunners – by missing signs Providing each runner with a map of their individual leg Advising all runners to recce their section before the event to familiarise themselves with itLAll runners to carry a mobile phone with’what3words’ downloaded on it All runners to have the RDs numbers on their mobile phones  Team captains to check their runners back in at the end of each section