WhatsApp groups

After consulting club members via a questionnaire we’ve decided to trial three specific WhatsApp groups for members to keep in touch with each other.

The Race WhatsApp group will be for anyone who does/ is interested in doing races, with members offering support and encouragement; arranging training runs; accessing help with training; race psychology; motivation; info on kit, fuelling and hydration and links to races/ info on the courses.

The Beginners group will be for folks new to running.

The Social group will be for organising social runs and general get-togethers.

Membership of these groups is free and open to all RRR members, subject to agreement to abide by the Code of Conduct below. Please contact us with your name and mobile phone number if you would like to be added to any of these groups.

Code of conduct for users of WhatsApp groups

  1. The purpose of the group is to establish collective conversations and to exchange useful information
  2. Please keep messages relevant to the group topic – each group will have a list of what is suitable content
  3. Be courteous and supportive to other members
  4. Please don’t use bad language in your messages to the group
  5. Don’t send sexualised/ violent images
  6. Please check the authenticity of any forwarded material before sending it
  7. Please respect other people’s views
  8. Discuss any concerns or issues about the group with the moderator/ group admin, not the main group
  9. Avoid discussions around politics and religion
  10. Where necessary, use the ‘reply’ button to respond to a specific post to avoid confusion
  11. If you get into a dialogue with a single member of the group, consider switching the conversation to direct message so the rest of the group don’t have to read it
  12. Avoid sending large files
  13. It’s fine to mute or leave the group, but please consider sending a courteous message explaining that you’re leaving first
  14. Don’t use the group just to send memes/ videos/ pictures without contributing to discussions
  15. Avoid sending messages between 9pm-7am
  16. Try to keep messages short (the exception is if admin need to send info)
  17. Try to avoid being a silent member; the groups work best if everyone contributes something at some point
  18. The moderator/ admin will remove anyone who persistently breaks the code of conduct