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ICE (In Case of Emergency) tags are small printed cards that are printed with your name and an emergency contact number.  They can also detail any important medical conditions that you may have.

These are absolutely recommended for all members.  Even the best of us can slip or fall, near or far from home, and these tags could save your life – or at least ensure your loved ones can learn your fate quickly…!  And if you need any more convincing, ask Steve Cram.

For just £4 (including postage) you get three small tags which are small and light enough to attach to keys, shoelaces, a piece of string around your neck etc.  They are professionally printed, and completely mud/water/washing-machine proof.

Important: at the moment we are not supplying these directly, you must click the following link to order yours:

Once you have given them your details, remember to say that you are from Romsey Road Runners at the checkout stage, then they will make sure our club logo is printed on them.

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