About Romsey Road Runners

Who are we?  Romsey Road Runners is an amateur running club, open to all runners who are aged 15 years and over. We offer a programme of training, racing and social events, and there is no pressure to do any more than you feel capable of doing. There is, however, lots of encouragement from like-minded people who understand the joys and pains of running.

What do we do?  Training nights are on a Monday and Thursday, involving a mixture of sessions including intervals, hill efforts and tempo runs, totalling approximately 6 miles.  On training nights the club is split into 4 different groups based on running pace, so you will never be asked to run too far above or below you own ability. Our team of session leaders provide a structured training schedule to improve your speed, stamina and strength, and are on hand on club nights to help out those new to running or those looking for some advice & guidance.

Want to find out more?  We welcome new members to join us for a few evenings to see if the club is right for you. Take a look at our membership information and find out about more about the races we get involved with and our social events.

To see our club constitution, please click here.