Dorset Walk, 17th May 2014, 10.15am

This is a new walk, but one with a number of familiar features

Starting at the quarry car park above Kimmeridge (GR 918800) we will descend towards Kimmeridge Bay where we will turn west on the coast path into the Lulworth Ranges, past the Nodding Donkey (oil well) and out towards Broad Bench.

We ascend a hill (easy at first, gets steep!) to a bench where we will have our coffee break. We go along Gad Cliff and descend to Worbarrow Bay. Before us is the steep ascent to Rings Hill Iron Age hillfort on Flower Barrow where we will have our lunch break.

After our stop we turn east and take a familiar path along then down to Tyneham where, if time and/or inclination allows, we may make a short stop. We ascend to Gad Cliff where our path remains high as we walk along the ridge back to the quarry car park.

Distance: 9 miles. 3 good hills.
Bring refreshments for the lunch break.

Most of you know the quarry car park above Kimmeridge. If you are unsure, contact me for more details – e-mail: [email protected].