Message from the Chairman

After the CC6 in Dibden Enclosure on the 22nd of November we received a complaint from a dog walker with her young child alleging that a Romsey Road Runner swore at her during the race. While there were no other witnesses, and we have been unable to identify the runner in question, as a club we have to take this kind of incident seriously and I would like to take this opportunity to remind us all of the need to demonstrate good behaviours when running on shared use land.
Both the CC6 and RR10 races make use of land owned by the Forestry Commission and race permissions are only granted on the grounds that it doesn’t interfere with other users of the land. Incidents like this could lead to the withdrawal of permissions and the end of CC6 and RR10 races at some of the venues we enjoy regularly.
I know that the vast majority of races pass off without incident and I struggle to believe that anyone in our club could behave this way but please do make sure that even in the heat of a race we display the right behaviours to those around us.